Tes Arlette (aka Theresa Bremer)

I am a dynamic designer, often seen drinking coffee and kerning type. I have defeated the pen tool in epic battles and can do things you've never imagined with an x-acto blade. I get excited easily, but if I don't have a way to channel my creative energy, I get bored. And I hate being bored. Because then I get hungry. A few years back, I joined the Circus and found what I'd been craving− a bunch of freaks with talent and innovation that inspired me to push even harder to achieve those delicious "ah-ha" moments. Since then, I have acquired a taste for playing different roles and keeping my plate full.

As a digital designer by day, muralist by night, and beekeeper in the wee hours, my eyes are wide as I strive to experience, digest, and create as much as possible. I've found that an extreme creative outlet is essential to my perceived existence, as well as balanced a diet. I am energetically passionate, impulsive yet loyal, and eager to get started.

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